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Planet Crete

Planet Crete opens a window into the enchanting world of the stars. The specially designed dome room offers virtual travels in the near and far space. From the Solar System to which the planet Earth belongs to the most remote regions of other galaxies, from the bright stars to the dark matter, the universe hides endless mysteries. Here, science fiction meets scientific reality. Internationally recognized productions and educational shows, excite the imagination, teach and entertain, using visual effects and music, able to fascinate anyone.

Today, dozens of state-of-the-art telescopes in every corner of the Earth and in orbit around it, collect data and information about our position in the universe, the planets, stars and other celestial bodies.

Planets are a way for the science of astronomy to communicate with the world. But the planetarium as a medium is not a modern invention. Archimedes possessed a primitive device that could show the movements of the Sun, Moon and planets. The oldest planetarium still in operation is located in the small Dutch town of Frankenker. It was built by Eise Eisinga in the living room of his house with seven years of work and was completed in 1781. Over the centuries, and especially during the 20th century, German scientists and companies modernized the concept of the planet.

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Monday:                10:00-18:00

Tuesday:                10:00-18:00

Wednesday:          10:00-18:00

Thurday:                10:00-18:00

Friday:                    10:00-18:00

Saturday:               10:00-18:00

Sunday:                  10:00-18:00


Educational films and programs for children


Have you ever wondered what's out there? Explore the eternal and vast Universe, traveling from our Earth to the most distant Galaxy.


Get to know the physical laws that govern our planet, our solar system, our galaxy and the entire universe.


Wander to the Universe, discovering the great cosmic mysteries. Meet the scientific missions that are constantly expanding the horizons of our knowledge of the world.


Have you ever dreamed of a flight to the stars and beyond? Have you ever dreamed of a walk on the moon? Here your dreams come true.


Virtual reality, interactive astronaut costumes and unique events and activities will make your visit to Heraklion Planetarium unforgettable.


Learn about space and the solar system through play


Τελευταία νέα απο το διάστημα!