The Planetarium of Heraklion opens a window to the magical world of the stars. The specially designed dome room offers virtual travels in the near and far space. From the Solar System to which the planet Earth belongs to the most remote regions of other galaxies, from the bright stars to the dark matter, the universe hides endless mysteries. Here, science fiction meets scientific reality. Internationally recognized productions and educational shows, excite the imagination, teach and entertain, using visual effects and music, able to fascinate anyone. Additional special places in the space of the planetarium, offer short flights in space, through a system of virtual reality. The Planetarium of Heraklion "Planet Crete" is a spaceship for young and old travelers of the stars. Whether you want to learn about the beautiful constellations or the violent collisions of the giant galaxies, the visit to the Planetarium of Heraklion will be unforgettable. Fasten your seat belts. The journey to the stars begins!



Dinosauria Park started as an idea in 2013 and was housed for the first time in GOURNES DEKK, located in the former US Base. It hosted 30 different species of dinosaurs from all Mesozoic periods and other prehistoric animals. In 2014 the exhibits were moved to their own space, after intensive efforts to be found in their natural environment and to "revive"! New species and new wards have been added to the large dinosaur family, such as the Dinosaur General Hospital, where young and old dinosaur fans can watch a dinosaur hatch and begin life in the park. In the space for creative activities, everything becomes children again, trying to find as many dinosaurs in the tidal area and playing various "dinosaur games" made in space. Do not forget to get your souvenirs and gifts to keep the memories of this unique experience until the next visit.



For the first time in Crete, The 12 feats of Hercules come to life before your eyes! A specially designed space with oversized statues and impressive effects is waiting for you to discover. Get ready to travel to the era of the legend and follow the hero Hercules in all his achievements. Our narrators accompany you on this journey, in which you will meet mythical creatures, you will talk to ancient gods, you will fight and play with monsters, you will have to overcome obstacles and laugh out loud! Discover the hero you are hiding inside !!!

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At Watercity Waterpark the enjoyment of the water element is maximized! Indulge in the wide variety of toys and rediscover your childhood! Play fearlessly, feel the coolness - and experience unique moments of relaxation and carefree!


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